ATOMIC VANTAGE WMN 80 TI + M 10 GW Anthracite

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The versatile Vantage W is Atomic’s popular all-mountain ski for women and the perfect ally – whether you’re cruising nice and easy on piste or showing what you can do in the deep stuff. Every Vantage W features our revolutionary Prolite construction which makes them lighter and stronger for more agility and increased confidence. The piste-orientated Vantage 75 W to 80 TI W come with bindings, the wider Vantage 86 C W to 97 C W come flat.

The Atomic Vantage 80 TI W is the picture-perfect ski designed especially for all-mountain female skiers who spend most of the time skiing the resort but also want to explore their boundaries. This easy-turning ski features Titanium Tank Mesh, with a sporty shape and narrow waist, ideal for carving precisely controlled turns on harder snow, plus a Light Woodcore and Cap Sidewall for stable edge grip. Extremely versatile and predictable, this smooth sliding ski is perfectly built for adventurous women who have command of groomed runs and occasionally like to discover new terrain. Master the entire mountain!

The perfect blend of stability and agility, Atomic Vantage 80 TI W is the ski for women who like to explore the entire mountain with confidence.

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